What is the capital of South Africa

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The capital of South Africa

South Africa has three different capitals, one legislative, the other executive, and one judicial, with Cape Town being the legislative capital of the country and seat of Parliament, where the constitution allows Parliament to transfer its administration to any other city, while Pretoria is The executive capital of South Africa, as well as the seat of the President and the Council of Ministers, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of the country where the Supreme Court of Appeal is located.

Cape town

Cape Town played an important role in the history of the country, especially after starting contact with Europe, and it is considered the capital of the Western Cape Province in addition to being the legislative capital of South Africa, where it is located at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula and north of Cape of Good Hope, and is called the mother city, and is considered the center Economic and political district of Western Cape, as it was the first European settlement in South Africa.


Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, and the former capital of Transvaal, where it is now part of the city of Tshwane. The National Assembly voted in 2005 to name it Tshwane, but the central government rejected this proposal, and the city is a source of many industries; the most important of which is the iron and steel industry, and it also has mills Precise, and its railways are made, the city is linked to the rest of South Africa by highways and railways, and Pretoria is an educational and cultural center where universities and a council for scientific and industrial research are owned.


Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of South Africa, and the regional capital of Free State, and this city began as a bulwark for the British Army in 1846 AD, then worked to expand over time, despite being the country’s judicial capital, but the judicial tasks were divided between them and Johannesburg, so the Constitutional Court was established In it, the city is famous for its natural beauty as it is located on a high plateau of more than 1,392 meters, and there is Kings Park, and there is the National Court of Appeal, and the former Dutch Reformed Church.


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