What is the capital of South Korea

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The capital of South Korea

Seoul is the capital and the largest city in South Korea, with a population of more than ten million people, and is considered a global city, and the center of economy, politics and culture in South Korea.

History of the capital of South Korea

First established in the year 18 BC by Baekje, it is one of the three kingdoms in Korea, and it remained the capital of Korea during the Joseon era and the Korean Empire and was known as Han Yang. Liberated in 1945, it gained independence from Korea and Japan and was named the City of Seoul. North Korean forces occupied Seoul during and destroyed the Korean War, and in 1951 the UN forces seized Seoul and since then the city has been rebuilt and greatly expanded to this day.

Geography of the capital of South Korea

Seoul is located in the northwestern part of South Korea, surrounded by 8 mountains, the most famous of which is Mount San, while the Han River is the most famous of its rivers. It flows into the Yellow Sea, where it was previously used as a trade route to reach them to China.

Climate of the capital of South Korea

Its climate is semi-tropical and humid, its summer is hot and humid, and the winds are monsoons and are known as Siberian winds especially during June and July with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, while winter is cold and dry, especially in January with an average temperature of -6 degrees Celsius.

The currency of the capital of South Korea

The Korean currency is called the won, while Christianity is Catholic and Protestantism is the most widespread, followed by Buddhism, while Hangeul is the official language in South Korea and then Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

Economy of the capital of South Korea

In addition to information technology and electronics, there is the food and beverage production industry, and Seoul is the seat of many international companies, such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and Kia, while the Dongdaemun market is the largest market in South Korea, and the most modern shopping center in Seoul is Times Square Which contains the largest cinema screen in the world. There are many internationally known banks in Seoul, such as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and ING Bank, which are the headquarters of the Korean Exchange Bank.

Transportation routes in the capital of South Korea

There are many transportation links in Seoul, as there is a network of advanced metro stations, in addition to railways, cars and buses.

The most important landmarks of the capital of South Korea

  • The royal tombs of Joseon.
  • Kyungpook Gong Palace and Museum.
  • secret Garden.
  • Dok Soo Gong Palace, located in downtown Seoul, built in the middle of the fifteenth century, and features its architecture for all its buildings.
  • Jogi Temple is a modern Buddhist temple.
  • Namsan Park is an ecological island that contains many gods and many trees like pine trees.

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