What is the capital of South Korea

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The capital of South Korea

Seoul is the capital and the largest city in South Korea, officially known as the private city of Seoul, and it can be said that this huge city is the largest city in the developed countries, with a population of about 10.29 million, according to the population that was conducted in 2016. The population of the population is equivalent to twice the population density in New York City, four times the population density in Los Angeles, and eight times the city of Rome, and the capital region is the second largest civilized region in the world, and it includes about the population of South Korea, with a population of about 25.6 million people .

Information about the city of Seoul

This city is known as a major global city in terms of its economy, its standard of living, in addition to the technology provided to its residents, as the surrounding areas of this city are considered very urban areas, and the date of its establishment dates back to nearly 4000 years BC, and was surrounded by a large wall that works To protect its citizens from wild animals around the region and possible crimes, as well as to protect them from external attacks, it is worth noting that between the years 1950 AD -1953 CE, that is, during the Korean War, Seoul was completely destroyed, and as a result, the capital was moved to Busan. For two years, no Anne Due to the rapid growth of this city, transportation has been striving to maintain its order, due to crowded streets and increased traffic jams.

Services in Seoul

Many facilities have been established in Seoul to provide many services related to water insurance in addition to sanitation services in most areas in it, and this city has also worked to provide many medical facilities that are described as good, which is represented by the availability of many hospitals, and small clinics In addition to pharmacies on its soil.


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