What is the capital of South Korea

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Korea is a geographical location in eastern Asia, divided into two countries, North and South Korea, and together they form the Korean island. The whole of Korea is bordered on the northwest by China, on the northeast by Russia, on the east by Japan and the Sea of ​​Japan, on the south by the East China Sea.

South Korea

South Korea is a sovereign country, located on the southern side of the island of Korea, and it is mostly mountainous in nature, but its largest city and the main capital of the country is Seoul, which is what we will learn more during this article.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea

Seoul is the Korean capital to the south of this island. It is the largest city in South Korea and the most densely populated and first urbanized. Its population exceeds about one million, and it is the largest city in the developed world in terms of population. This capital is located on the Han River, and this city was founded in the eighteenth century BC from ancient times by “Baekje”, to be a major kingdom in the two Koreas. Seoul was known in the past with many different names according to the ages and civilizations that it passed through, so it was called Tara and Risong, sometimes as Hangu, and it was also known as Nanjiong, and it was also known as Hansong and Hanyang, in addition to many other names attributed to it.

Sights and monuments of the city of Seoul

In this capital, there are many archaeological sites that have been included by UNESCO to be a world heritage, including the Shangdiok Palace, Haungung Castle, and Jongmyo Shrine, in addition to the royal tombs erected in the country. The capital is surrounded by a long mountain range, and a very large national park has been established in it. Other attractions in the country are the “Soul Lot” tower, the “Moonlight” fountain, and there is also the largest covered theme park in the world “Loti Word”.

Seoul city economy

It is worth noting that the presence of this city on the Han River contributed to the success of the state by establishing a successful and miraculous economy in a short time in the seventies of the last century. After the world wars, Seoul became the fourth country in the world in terms of economy, after it was completely destroyed in the Korean wars. Its residents rebuilt it again, and in the 1990s it became one of the most economically advanced capitals, and many international technology companies such as Samsung, LG, EK, Hyundai, Kia Motors, and many other such companies have resided in them. It is also classified according to UNESCO as the “UNESCO City” for design, which is the design capital in 2010.

Climate of Seoul

The capital’s climate is generally humid because it is located on a peninsula that is surrounded by water. It has a hot and humid summer, and a cold winter. As for the famous food in the country that tourists and the people also love, it is famous for “kalebi”, “kimchi”, and nagamion, in addition to Korean pies and sweets.

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