What is the capital of southern Ireland

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Dublin city

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Southern Ireland, a coastal city with a strategic location, located on the east coast of Ireland in the County of Leinster, at the Gulf of Dublin close to the Irish Sea; and therefore it is the main port in the Republic of Southern Ireland, as it is It is considered the financial, commercial and cultural center of it.

Dublin City Population

Dublin is the largest city in the Republic of Ireland in terms of population, where the population is estimated according to the latest studies conducted by international organizations specialized in approximately two million people, knowing that most of the population of the capital Dublin live in its urban areas, where the population of 1.2 million people.

Dublin City Terrain

The capital, Dublin, extends along the banks of the River Levy, which cuts through the city center. In terms of area, note that the southern side of this city consists of mountain ranges, while spread on the northern, and western, fertile agricultural plains. It should be noted that the Tulka River and the Dodd River pass through Dublin and divide it into two parts.

A brief history of Dublin settlement

The first historical record of the existence of human settlements in the current city of Dublin dates back to the year 140 AD, with the establishment of Scandinavian population centers, on the Bodel River, and the Black Lake region from which the name of the city was derived, as Dublin means Irish (Black Lake), either in the ninth century. The Vikings conquered the region, this city was established in its current location, and the Viking rule continued until the Normans were invaded, and after them the English in the twelfth century AD. It should be noted that this city experienced a period of prosperity in the eighteenth century, and it briefly became the second largest city in the British Empire, and the fifth in Europe at that time.


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