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Sri Lanka

Among the countries that are located in East Asia is the country of Sri Lanka, which is characterized by fertile lands, as this country is famous for cultivating tea, exporting it and other economic and tourist ingredients in it. The city of Colombo is the first capital of Sri Lanka, whether in the economic or political field, and the city of Colombo is a famous city and there are advantages that are distinguished It has this Sri Lankan capital.


The capital Colombo is distinguished as a coastal city, it is located on the southwest of the coast of Sri Lanka and is the largest city in it with an area of ​​about sixty four square kilometers. This includes Lake Pera, which is located in the center of the city, and a visitor to Colombo will be amazed by the beauty of nature in it as it is characterized by a tropical rainy climate, and the most famous feature of the capital will be seen by roaming in it:

Gal Face Green Course

The Vis Green Promenade Racecourse is located on the coast overlooking the Indian Ocean, where it contains large green spaces, it is a suitable place for horse racing and golf. It is a very quiet place, suitable for hiking as well.

Vihara Madevi Park =

It is the largest park in the capital, and the history of construction of this park is kneeling during the days of British colonialism.

National Museum of Colombo

This museum was built in 1877 during the era of British colonialism and is considered one of the largest museums in Sri Lanka, as it contains many valuable holdings and assets dating back to different eras of time. Another museum in Colombo is the Natural History Museum, which specializes in displaying Sri Lanka’s natural properties, including rare animals and trees. As we mentioned Colombo is a tropical city, it is famous for savannah, so a good number of animals, birds, and marine wealth vary from fish and others. Neighbor coconut is where the huge coconut Gmaoua key in it.

Sabumal Foundation

The city of Colombo is interested in art, as a national institute of artists and what they are famous for has been created, and a studio called the famous Ceylon artist Harry Perez was created inside the institution.

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