What is the capital of St. Vincent

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Kingston City

Kingstown is a small city located in the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and it represents its administrative and national capital, in addition to being the largest city between its cities, and the main headquarters of the government; it includes the most important government offices, ministries, departments, departments, authorities, and departments. Kingston City is also the main port in the country, and is the hub of trade, economy, agriculture, and tourism.

Kingston City location

Kingston is located in the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines located in the eastern corner of the Caribbean, and Kingston is located specifically in the southwestern part of the country, in the area overlooking Kingston Port, and on the border with the reed garden from the south, and Berkshire Hill from the north side, which is Squared over a geographical area of ​​480 km2, while from astronomical side, Kingston is located on the longitude (″ 30’13 ° 061) west, and the latitude (″ 28 ‘9 ° 13) north.

Kingston city climate

Kingston, by virtue of its location and surface features, enjoys a temperate tropical climate, in which rainy and dry conditions prevail, bearing in mind that the rainy season begins in May, and ends by the month of November, and humidity and rain, and humidity and temperature, rain High, dry weather prevails in the rest of the months of the year, and relatively mild temperatures.

The most important landmarks of Kingston City

Kingston city contains many places and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Dovernet Fortress: It is an archaeological and historical fortress built against the shore of Villa on the top of a huge volcanic rock, to protect from external invasions.
  • Charlotte Fort: It is a historical fortress built in the year one thousand eight hundred and six on the northern side of the city, knowing that its height reaches 660 feet (201.17 m).
  • Saint Mary’s Church: It is considered one of the most beautiful churches of the city in white color, and its look similar to the castle in Gothic style.
  • Saint Vincent Botanical Gardens: These are ancient gardens that contain many picturesque natural areas.
  • Public Market: It is a vibrant, dynamic market with many shops, and stalls.


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