What is the capital of Sudan

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Sudan is a country located in the east of the continent of Africa, bordered by Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, and on the southern side by the state of South Sudan – and from the northern side by Libya and Egypt, and on the western side by Chad and the Waski Republic of Africa. The Islamic religion is the official religion of the Republic of Sudan.

Khartoum is the capital of Sudan

The capital of the Republic of Sudan is the city of Khartoum, which was established at the confluence of the two rivers, the White Nile in blue, to meet and form the Nile River. Khartoum was called the capital in the light of the Ottoman presence in the countries of Egypt and Sudan, and that was in the 19th century. In Khartoum, most ministries, leaders and government institutions are stationed, in addition to The presence of most of the headquarters of the regional and African international organizations, and they contain large universities of fame and reputation in the world, in addition to many large international companies and foreign institutions.

History of Khartoum

The human history of Khartoum dates back to ancient times, as the stone age man knew and settled in it, and established its ancient kingdoms, and from these kingdoms the Kingdom of Alwa, and the British occupation was interested in praising the architecture in it, so we find it is still present in many of its facilities, especially in its old buildings as a university Khartoum, and we find these beautiful buildings that reveal their prosperity since ancient times, especially overlooking the Nile and the bridges as well, and most of these buildings have been transformed into museums today.

Population density of Khartoum

The population density in the city of Khartoum is very large, as the third city is Arab in terms of population, amounting to 2,682,431 people, where it comes before the cities of Cairo in Egypt and Casablanca in Morocco, and Khartoum also ranks sixth of the cities of Africa in terms of population density, and is considered Khartoum is a pivotal network in the region, whether locally or regionally.

Population and climate of Khartoum

The inhabitants of the city of Khartoum belong to many Athenians and many religions and sects, and the climate of the city of Khartoum is special in it, where we find a moderate climate in winter and hot summer, but its rains are seasonal and abundant, especially in the fall season, and given that it is located at the confluence of the two rivers, it occupies a strategic location Tourists flock to visit it, attracted to it to enjoy its hero and atmosphere, especially what excites in the tourist’s splendor are the archaeological and historical monuments in it in addition to its wonderful nature.

Landmarks of Khartoum

There are many museums in Khartoum, due to the ancient history of this city and its history. We find the National Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Palace Museum, the Ethnography Museum, and the Military Museum, each museum is devoted to exhibits different from the other, in addition to many archeological sites such as Turkish domes, Together, the buildings, and many buildings of impressive architectural style such as the Republican Palace, as well as the Central Post Building and many other sites and buildings.


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