What is the capital of Suriname

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Parimarubu is the capital of Suriname

Paramaribo is a small city located in the Republic of Suriname, and it represents its administrative and national capital, in addition to being the largest city between its cities and the main port in the country, and is also considered an important center in terms of industry, tourism, and education.

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Parimarubu is located in the Republic of Suriname, specifically in the northeastern part of the country, in the area bordering the banks of the Suriname River, and about 15 kilometers from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. To only 5 meters above sea level, from astronomical point of view, the city of Parimaropo is located on the longitude (55 ° 10 ′), and the latitude (5 ° 52 ′).

A brief history of Parimaropo

Parimarubo represented from the beginning of its history a home to many tribes, and the indigenous peoples of the region, as it was coveted by European colonial powers, as the Dutch settled in 1613 AD, and the French took from the surrounding area their own center in 1644 AD, although the city was under the control of the British, The Dutch managed to regain it in 1667 AD, and remained a colony of the Netherlands until the country finally gained independence in 1975 AD.

The most important landmarks of the city of Paramaropo

The city of Parimaropo has many attractions and magnificent attractions, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul: It is a small church characterized by its wonderful sculptures and delicate woodwork.
  • Zealandia Fort: It is a fortress, and a historical monument built during the eighteenth century AD, and currently includes a museum and a restaurant.
  • Central Market: It is a lively and active market that includes many shops dedicated to selling various products and items.
  • Neve Shalom Synagogue: It is an ancient Jewish synagogue that was established by the Jews in 1716 AD.
  • Art Gallery: It includes many works, and wonderful pieces of art, such as: paintings, sculptures, and others.


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