Sweden (in English Sweden) is a European country, located in relation to the continent of Europe on the northern side, and the region in which Sweden is located is called Scandinavia. Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Sweden is bordered by the Baltic Sea from the eastern side and from the south side, and Finland is bordered by the northeastern side, and Norway is bordered by the western side and the north side, while from the southwestern side it is bordered by the Gulf of Kategat which connects to the North Sea, and Sweden has a maritime border with Denmark, Germany, and Poland And it is connected with Denmark by a bridge called the Oresund Bridge, and Sweden is the third largest European country in terms of area after France and Spain.


The capital of Sweden is Stockholm (English: Stockholm), this city is located in the eastern side of Sweden, and the geographical area in which Stockholm is located is very crowded with the islands, and it is close to the eastern coast of Sweden that overlooks the Baltic Sea.
Stockholm is the central capital of Sweden, and it is one of the most important and famous cities in the continent of Europe in general, and in the Scandinavian region in particular, where there is the seat of government and the Swedish parliament, and where the Swedish king resides, and where the main institutions of the state are located, and in which a large number of Population, Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden in terms of population, and Stockholm is Sweden’s political, economic, financial and commercial center.

Stockholm belongs administratively to Stockholm, and Stockholm is one of the provinces that make up Sweden, according to its administrative division. It is known that Sweden is divided administratively into 21 provinces, and Stockholm is the largest county in Sweden in terms of population.

Geography and population

Stockholm covers an area of ​​188 square kilometers, or 73 square miles. Stockholm is approximately 278 meters above sea level.
Stockholm is the largest city in Sweden in terms of population, with a population of almost one million, according to official estimates for the year 2015, with a population of 923,516 people, and this number constitutes approximately 9.37% of the total population of Sweden, which is 9,851,017 people, according to Estimates for 2015.
With regard to population density in Stockholm, it is approximately 4,935 people per square kilometer.


The most important historical events related to Stockholm:

  • 1252Stockholm has been mentioned for the first time in history.
  • 1419Stockholum became the capital of Sweden.
  • 1520: The “bloodbath” incident, in which the Danish king Christian II executed a large group of Swedish nobles.
  • 1625A major fire occurred, which destroyed large parts of the city, and the following year a plan was prepared for the city to be built.
  • 1635The city of Nurmalm was reunified with Stockholm.
  • 1640The eastern part of Nurmalm was destroyed by a huge fire, but a plan for the city was quickly prepared for its construction.
  • 1719The city has run out of Russian occuAl Bahahn.
  • 1912: Stockholm hosts the Summer Olympics.


Stockholm is filled with attractions of architectural beauty, museums, and gardens, in addition to its picturesque nature, and here are some of the most popular tourist destinations from all over the world:

  • Royal palaceOne of the largest palaces in Europe, consisting of more than 600 rooms, which is open to the public, was built in the eighteenth century, the Royal Palace displays no fewer than five museums, a store of weapons, a collection of royal costumes and shields, and there are daily shows for soldiers, The process of changing the guard is worth seeing.
  • The Vasa Museum: Vasa is the only ship in the world preserved since the seventeenth century, the sea ship Sava sank in 1628, and it was released from the sea after 333 years in 1961, and work took place within a period of nearly half a century to restore and restore it to its original appearance, and in our day it is considered The Vasa Museum is the most visited museum in Scandinavia, exceeding one million visits annually.
  • the National MuseumThe National Museum includes a collection of ancient paintings, sculptures, drawings, and applied arts.
  • Durgarden: Dejarden Garden is a quiet green oasis, a royal land from the fifteenth century, and contains a group of the best museums in the city, in addition to restaurants and cafes.
  • Natural History MuseumIt includes several exhibitions on nature, land, plants, and animals. Within this museum is the Kuzmunova Cinema. This cinema is considered the largest planetarium in Sweden.


Education in Stockholm is compulsory for children between the ages of 7-16 years, in addition to the possibility for parents to enroll their children at the age of six to study in the pre-school stage. As for high school, it is taught in 28 government schools across Stockholm, in addition to 45 private schools, Stockholm is obliged to provide free secondary education for everyone who has finished primary school.

Stockholm University

The University of Stockholm is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, and it is the largest educational institution for higher education in Sweden. Currently, more than 70,000 students are taught at Stockholm University, and it offers 75 MA programs in the English language in various fields, such as science, humanities, law and science Social.


Stockholm’s public transport system consists of buses, subways, trams and trains. Underground trains are the easiest way to travel around the city, and tickets can be purchased from multiple places, or even ordered via SMS, or telephone application, as cash on the bus is not available. Stockholm Underground trains are known to be the world’s longest art gallery, as a large part of their stations are decorated with works by a number of artists.

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