What is the capital of Switzerland

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Switzerland is located in the south of the center of the European continent and adjacent to each of the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, and an area of ​​approximately 41285 km2. , French, Italian, and Romansh, and the German language is the most prevalent as nearly 70% of the population speaks it; its currency is the Swiss franc, and the fact that Switzerland is secular is no official state religion.

Administrative divisions

Adoption of the federal constitution in its year 1848, which has been followed up until now. As for the administrative divisions in Switzerland, it is divided into 20 cantons plus 6 half-cantons, where two members of Parliament are elected from each canton, and half of the Kentons, only one member is elected, and this Kenton is :

  • Aargau.
  • Appenzell Oserhoden.
  • Appenzell Enerhoden.
  • Basel countryside.
  • Basel.
  • Bern.
  • Friborg.
  • Geneva.
  • Glarus.
  • Graubunden.
  • Gura.
  • Lucerne.
  • Neuchâtel.
  • Nidwalden.
  • Obwalden.
  • Chaffossen.
  • Squeeze.
  • Solothurn.
  • St. Gallen.
  • Thurgau.
  • Tekino.
  • Yuri.
  • JM.
  • Food.
  • Husband.
  • Zurich.

The economy of Switzerland

Switzerland’s economy is one of the strongest global economies and despite the limited natural resources in it, but especially through the major banks stationed in it, as well as tourism, and there are also a group of different industries, perhaps the most famous of which are watch and food industries such as Nestle products, as well as iron and pharmaceutical industries, From the sports side, it is like most European countries who love football in addition to winter sports, because of the snow regions and various facilities they enjoy, and the most famous cities that provide these sports are Basel.

Bern City

Berne is the Swiss capital, which is located west of the center of the country near the River Aar, and is the fourth largest Swiss city in terms of population. Berne was chosen as the Swiss capital in the same year in which the Federal Constitution was adopted in 1848 and the area of ​​the Swiss capital is estimated at about 5162 km², and the population About 129,000 people,

Bern City Landmarks

The city of Bern has two international airports, and the buildings and organization of the capital, Bern, are dominated by an ancient and medieval-inspired character. The capital contains many museums, theaters and palaces, and it still contains the home of the world famous Einstein. There are many world famous Swiss cities that attract many tourists from all over the world. Perhaps the most famous of them are Basel, Zurich and Geneva, and Zurich is one of the largest Swiss cities and one of the most populous.

Video of Swiss chocolate waterfalls

If we could represent the quantity of chocolate produced and consumed in Switzerland it would be in the form of waterfalls! Watch the video to learn more surprises about Switzerland:


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