What is the capital of Tanzania

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The official capital of Tanzania

Dodoma is the official capital of the country of Tanzania, located in eastern Africa. Dodoma is located about four hundred and eighty kilometers from the Indian Ocean, and it is located in an agricultural area mainly with low population density, at an altitude of one thousand three hundred and thirty five meters above sea level. It was decided to transfer the capital to the city of Dodoma from Dar es Salaam in the year 1974 AD, and the transfer process started already since the beginning of the eighties, and it was scheduled to be completed by the year 2005 AD, although so far only the sessions of the Legislative Council are held in the city. The city is a hub for the trade of grains, coffee and seeds, and livestock is spread throughout the surrounding area, and connects the city with the rest of Tanzania by road, railway, and an international airport.

The city of Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the most important economic center in Tanzania, which is the former official capital, and the current economic capital. Dar Al Salam is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is characterized by population density and high population growth as well, as it represents the third highest growth rate on the African continent. The city’s location on the coast of the Indian Ocean made it the most important port in the country, as it is the most important export point for cotton and coffee products, and the percentage of the Arab and Muslim population in the city increases in general due to the influx of Arabs from the Umayyad period until its occurrence under the rule of the imams of Oman. By the Sultan of Oman Said bin Sultan in the year 1866 AD, after it was called “Mzimzima”.


Tanzania is located just south of the black line in the east of the African continent. It was formed as an independent country in 1964 AD by the union of the states of Zanzibar and Tanganyika. Tanganyika represents about ninety-nine percent of the total area of ​​the country. Tanzania is bordered to the north by Uganda, Kenya and Lake Victoria, to the east by the Indian Ocean, to the south by Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia, while to the west it is bordered by Rwanda, Burundi and Lake Tanganyika.



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