What is the capital of Thailand called?

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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, its main port and its commercial and cultural center. It is located on the Chao Phraya River delta, 40 kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand, and was previously divided into two municipalities, one on the East Bank and the other on the West Bank linked by many bridges. Thai is a busy city with many temples, factories, shops and homes

History of Bangkok

Bangkok was taken as the capital of Thailand after Rama’s first assumption of power in 1782 AD, when he moved the royal court from the West Bank to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, and had many accomplishments; he built the Wat Pho Temple and the huge city wall, but the real development of the city began during the Rama era Fourth and Fifth, whereby Rama IV focused on building new roads and modern housing for the royal family, as well as building bridges, roads and public buildings to renew the city. During the reign of Rama VI and VII, a series of locks were built throughout the city to control the waterways in them, and a national university was established bearing Name of Chulalongkur University It is the oldest educational institution in the country.

Tourist destinations in Bangkok

Bangkok has many tourist places, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Giant swing: Giant Swing, this monument is located in front of the Wat Suthat temple, which was built on the orders of King Rama I in 1784 AD and this monument provides a wonderful view for visitors.
  • Chinatown: Chinatown has the largest Buddha in the world and is made of pure gold. Chinatown is crowded with vendors and shops selling yellow gold, and is also filled with open-air restaurants.
  • Siam’s ocean world: It is one of the most attractive places for visitors, as it has more than 30,000 different types of fish, plants, and marine animals within many reservoirs and ponds, including a giant panoramic fish tank with a height of eight meters, and the Siam World provides visitors with an opportunity Watch a wide variety of marine animals including sharks, penguins, sea snakes and many more.


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