What is the capital of the Aghlabids?

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The Tunisian city of Kairouan is the capital of the Aghlabid dynasty that ruled in the Arab Maghreb region, and the Aghlabids are known to be from the Arab dynasty of Bani Tamim, and it has extended its influence and authority over the Maghreb countries that include Tunisia, Algeria, and the western part of Libya, in addition to the southern part of Italy And also Corsica, Sicily and Malta, and its rule spanned from 800 CE to 909 CE.

The establishment of the city of Kairouan

The founder of the majority family is Al-Aghlab bin Salem bin Aqal al-Tamimi, as he was the commander of the Abbasid army, and later appointed the ruler of his son Ibrahim by Harun al-Rashid on Africa, and that was in the year 787AD, that the period of the rule of the Aghlabids was followed by many princes, It was in the sequence Ibrahim bin Al-Aghlab, Abdullah bin Ibrahim, Ziyadat Allah Ibn Ibrahim, Abu Aqal Al-Aghlab Ibn Ibrahim, Muhammad Ibn Abi Aqal Al-Aghlab Abu Al-Abbas, Ahmed Bin Muhammad, Ziyad Allah Al-Thani Bin Muhammad, Muhammad Bin Ahmed, Ibrahim Bin Ahmed, Abdul God Bin Ibrahim, Ziyadat Allah the Third Bin Abdullah.

History of the city of Kairouan

The control of the Aghlabid state was so great that it was narrated that the countries close to it that condemn Christianity were paying the Aghlabis the obligation of tribute, and that the state of the Kharijites was always in a state of internal conflict, especially the revolutions in which it was taking place, which carried the religious character (Kharijites), or conflicts Which bear the neural character of barbarians, and as a result of these internal problems, wars and division that took place, their state lost many of its lands and regions by the Byzantine state, and also by the Tulunid state, and at the same time, some tribes that refused to control the Aghlabids had risen to power. And charges in the year 909 AD and in the hands of the Fatimid state has been wiped out.

Landmarks of the city of Kairouan

The Aghlabids enjoyed their endeavor to build their state, as they were spending the reconstruction of this state from the spoils they collected during their wars and their struggle, and they did not impose taxes on the residents of the countries that ruled them, and the most important effects that the Aghlabid state left and is still present to this day, the old palace which is the existing palace Since the time of Ibrahim bin Al-Aghlab, we also find the Great Mosque located in the city of Kairouan, the tanks that were built in it, the Sousse Mosque, and also the building of Rabat, which is located in the city of Sousse where it was built during the reign of the Aghlabid Prince Ziadullah bin Ibrahim, and we also find the construction of the city of Raqqada, as well as the Palace of Conquest .


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