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Egypt is considered one of the Arab countries that are internationally famous for its race and whose origins are rooted in the depth of human history, so Egypt has been aware of civilization since the founding of human civilization and since the creation of man, so many different civilizations passed through it and the peoples of the Pharaohs, the Ptolemaic State, the Romen era and the Islamic era were found there. In Egypt there are many famous cities, each of which has many civilizations and each tells a very large history.


Cairo is the most important city of Egypt and its capital as well, with a population of nearly eight million people, and one of its names also is the city of a thousand minarets, due to the large number of mosques in it.

Cairo cities

Cairo includes three cities punished by history, as the first city is the city of Fustat, which Amr bin Al-Aas established after he conquered Egypt during the Islamic conquests, and is located near the Babylon Fortress where the Nile was at that time divided into two parts, while the second city is a city The military, which was established by Saleh bin Ali, the first Abbasid ruler in Egypt, and was initially used as a booth for the soldiers of the Abbasids and for this he called it the military, and the third city is Al-Qata’a, which was established by Ahmed bin Tulun to be the capital of the Tulunid state after noting that the city of Askar and Fustat were added to it and on C He founded it, influenced by the construction of Samarra in which he grew up, and then, after the entry of the Fatimids into Egypt under the leadership of Jawhar Saqal, which was sent by al-Mu`izz to the Fatimid religion of God to enter Egypt, he established what was known as the Cairo of al-Muizz and built a wall around the three cities and established what is known as Cairo and remained a province of this name to this day. This.

History of Cairo

Deep developments occurred in Cairo after the Fatimids entered Egypt and brought it to where it is now. New neighborhoods emerged after the reign of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi. After the founding of Cairo al-Mu`izz, Jawhar Skalli established one of the most important mosques in the entire Islamic world, namely Al-Azhar Mosque, where he laid a stone The basis of this mosque, which is allied to the religion of God, and this mosque was built in the year 361 AH, so it was the first mosque to be established in the city of Cairo, and the Fatimids called it in relation to Fatima Al-Zahra and it is the most likely statement, and this mosque became the first university to teach Sunni schools and Islamic law, and it is the second oldest university List continuously in the world after c Spangle villagers, which later became an independent university after the Egyptian revolution in 1952.

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