What is the capital of the Bahamas

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Nassau city

Nassau is a small city located in the State of the Bahamas, and its administrative and national capital is represented, in addition to that it is the headquarters of the government, and an important port for the new island of Providence, the tourist center, and the bank of the country; it includes many tourist places and the product. It is worth noting that its most important exports are: seafood, raw salt, vegetables, and others.

Nassau city location and area

Nassau is located in the state of The Bahamas located in the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeastern side of
Florida, USA, specifically on New Providence Island, and it occupies within its borders a geographical area of ​​207 km2, and it sits on a land whose average height reaches only five meters. As for astronomically speaking, the city of Nassau is located on the longitude (-77.34), and the circle (-77.34), . It should be noted that this city is inhabited by 227,940 people, which makes it the largest city in Providence Island.

Nassau city terrain and climate

The dominant feature of the surface (terrain) features of Nassau is the flat, and relatively flat, lands with a number of low hills that permeate the plains, and towards the middle regions, the shallow lakes appear in the place that is not deep. Presence of tropical climate, and monsoons.

The most important landmarks of Nassau

The city of Nassau contains many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • National Art Gallery: It is a wonderful art museum located in a building dating back to the nineteenth century AD, and includes many works, and art pieces belonging to local artists.
  • Government building: It is an attractive historical and archaeological building located on a hill in the central part of the city, and it represented the seat of the governor-general at the time.
  • Fincastle Fort and Queen’s Staircase: It is a historical and archaeological fortress built in the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, then it was converted into a lighthouse.
  • Junkano Beach: It is a picturesque sandy beach that gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery and practice various water activities.


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