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Moroni is the capital of the Comoros country

Moroni is the capital of the Comoros country, and it is located in the northern part of the Mozambique Canal that forms part of the Indian Ocean. This capital is the main port and administrative center of the islands. It also includes many industrial companies around them such as beverage and wooden products companies In addition to its production of soap and plastic, on the other hand, Moroni exported many products, such as vanilla, coffee, and cocoa, and it is worth noting that its population is approximately 55,000.

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Moroni is located on the west coast of the Great Island of Comoros, and extends over an estimated area of ​​about 30 square kilometers, and it also has a volcanic coast below Mount Karthala, which is a mountain that reaches a height of 29 meters, and is considered one of the largest active volcanoes around the world. This city on the northern side also has a small beach, and Moroni can be reached through Prince Saeed Ibrahim International Airport, which is the only airport that serves this city, and on the other hand we can say that this city is characterized by its tropical marine climate, where it is characterized by warm weather and great rain. , The period between August and October can be considered an appropriate time to visit it.

Moroni Founding

Moroni was founded by the Arabic-speaking population in the tenth century, and it is worth noting that this city was not the original capital but it became so in 1958 AD, and on the other hand, Moroni today contains many important government buildings, in addition to many financial institutions and markets And, although this region possesses an advanced infrastructure, it still maintains the old Arab appearance.

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