What is the capital of the Czech state

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Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of the continent of Europe, and during the period between (1918-1939 and 1945-1992 AD) was a complement to the Czech Republic in its union with the State of Slovakia, and it is one of the poor countries for seaports, and the Czech Republic shares with Poland and Germany with northern borders, and Slovakia borders it on the eastern side, As for the south, its borders come with Austria, and with Germany from the west, and the area of ​​the Czech Republic extends to 78,866 km2, and it takes Prague as its capital.

The capital, Prague

Prague is one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic, and it is also one of the historical cities in which it was able to preserve its nature and shape; it was not subjected to great destruction during World War II as the cities of Central Europe, and population statistics for 2016 indicate that the city’s population exceeded 1,280. 508 people, with an area of ​​500 km 2, and rising from sea level by about 235 m.

And occupies a space over the Vltava River in the heart of the historical region of Bohemia in the western part of the country, and throughout the ages the city has held several titles, including: the Golden City, the Mother of the Cities, and the Heart of Europe, as it is also known as the city with a hundred constellations; And its limitations.


The history of the founding of Prague dates back to the end of the ninth century AD, and it took an important place as the seat of the Bohemian Kings, and in the fourteenth century AD the city lived in an unprecedented prosperity during the reign of the Roman King Charles IV, as he issued an order to construct the new town and both the Charles Bridge and the Cathedral of Saint Vitus is the oldest Gothic cathedral in Central Europe, and the oldest university on the continent, Charles University, was also built there, thanks to which the city achieved the title of the third largest city in Europe during the third era of its history.


Prague is considered one of the important tourist destinations in the European continent, and this comes with its architectural charm that shows buildings constructed according to modern or Baroque art styles or Renaissance and Gothic arts. Tourism in Prague is not limited to archeological places; it is also famous for the medical tourism for the presence of springs Antique metal with a temperature of 39 °, and includes in its composition a number of rare natural mineral elements, the most important of which are the Karlovy springs located in the northwestern part of the city.

Landmarks of Prague

  • Prague CastleIt is considered one of the largest historical castles in the world, as its area extends to more than 4300 m 2, and includes among its walls a complex of buildings: such as the cathedral, the palace and the monastery, and it is characterized by the diversity of its architectural arts: modern, bohemian and romantic, and it is mentioned that this castle was the seat of the Bohemian kings and specifically rulers Communist era and what followed.
  • Lennon WallSur Lennon has become very popular since the 1980s, given the lyrics and clips written by the songs of the legendary Beatles band member John Lennon, so the wall has become the focus of attention of Beatles fans.
  • Charles BridgeIt has a popular tourist importance nationwide, as it crosses the longest river in the republic; it plays an important role in connecting the old town with the small square where the Prague Castle is, and its history dates back to the twelfth century.

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