What is the capital of the Gabonese state?

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The capital of the Gabonese state

Libreville is the capital of the Gabonese state, and its location is determined by latitude 0.39 and longitude 9.45, which is the political center of the Republic of Gabon and home to its CEO, Gabon is located on the north shore of the estuary of the Gabon River that empties into the Gulf of Guinea, and the city was built on a series It is one of the hills that overlooks a well-protected port, surrounded by the traditional African continent, and ends at the mouth of the river, as the city is connected to the towns in the interior through a system of developed roads.

Climate of Libreville

Libreville climate is characterized by being warm and sunny permanently, and the city receives intermittent rain, as there are eighty rainy days per year, and the city often witnesses a rise in humidity, and the months of December and January are the warmest, while the months of June and July are distinguished The drier, the beaches enjoy a temperate climate, and is a favorite places for locals and international tourists.

Tourism in the city of Libreville

The city of Libreville, located on the west coast of the continent of Africa, is a unique destination for eco-tourism, because nearly 10% of its lands are considered national parks with a diverse wildlife, and the dry periods of the year, from May to September, or from December to January, are considered to be among the best. The times to visit the city, and the most famous attractions that can be visited in Libreville are the following:

  • Libreville Beaches: The beaches are among the most popular attractions to visit in the city, where you can enjoy seeing the Gabonian sculptures along the beach, and it is also possible to go on a short boat trip to Point Denis, as it includes the best beaches.
  • (Nzeng-ayong): This reserve includes a variety of trees.
  • Town centre: The city center of Libreville is one of the most vibrant areas in the country, as it is home to more than a third of the Gabonese population, in addition to its famous sidewalks, clean streets, and delicious restaurants, in addition to the possibility to explore the city, and learn about its markets, busy streets, and beautiful beaches.

Information about the city of Libreville

Libreville has enjoyed significant industrial development, which contributed to more than twice the population in the 1960s, due to the opening of the Deepwater Port in Owendo, which is approximately 14.5 km southeast of the city, as this port facilitated dealing with regional exports. Also, the wood is the most exported product, including the wood, ebony, walnut, etc. In addition to exporting many other products, such as: cocoa, rubber and palm trees.


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