What is the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan

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Thimphu city

Thimpu is a small Asian city found in the Kingdom of Bhutan, and it represents the national and administrative capital for it since the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one, after the capital was moved from Punakha, in addition to being considered the political, economic, and political center, Cultural, and touristic of the Kingdom; it includes most of the government buildings, and the royal palace, and the official residence of the king of the country. It should be noted that Thimphu city contributes about 45% of the Kingdom’s GDP, relying on the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Thimphu City location

Thimphu is located in the Asian kingdom of Bhutan, specifically in the central western corner of the country, as it is found within the Himalayan mountains, in the region that the Redak River, also called (Wong River), or (Thimphu River), crosses over a land that rises to about two thousand. Meters (7,000 feet) from sea level, but from astronomical side, the city of Thimphu is located on the longitude (89.64), and the latitude (27.47), knowing that the population of the city is 98,676 people.

The most important landmarks of Thimphu city

Thimphu city contains many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a mention of the most important:

  • Changanjha Lahang Temple: It is an ancient archaeological and historical temple built during the twelfth century AD, and is characterized by its wonderful architecture and its location on a series of hills.
  • Weekend Market: It is a lively, active market located on the west bank of the Shoho River, as this market opens its doors during the weekend period (from Thursday to Sunday night).
  • National Monument: It is a large stone building, built in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four, and it is distinguished for its wonderful architecture in Tibetan style.
  • The National Textile Museum: It is one of the most beautiful museums of the country; it houses many textile works that express art in Bhutan.
  • Simtukha Dzong: It is a fortress, and an old historical archaeological building located in the south of Thimphu city, knowing that its construction date back to the year one thousand six hundred and twenty nine.


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