What is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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The city of Amsterdam

According to the Dutch constitution, Amsterdam is the official capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and it is the political center in it, as it is the seat of the head of state, yet it is not the seat of the Dutch government that took the city of The Hague as its headquarters. Judicial and legislative power in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam’s geographical and astronomical location

The capital, Amsterdam, is located geographically in the province of North Holland in the western region of the Netherlands, and its average height above sea level is only 13 meters, while astronomically it is located on the latitude (52.37) and on the longitude (4.89).

About the inhabitants of Amsterdam

The capital, Amsterdam, is the most populated city in the Netherlands. According to the 2016 census, the population within the borders of Amsterdam amounts to 813,562 people, while the number of inhabitants of the urban city area has reached about (1.1) million, while the population of the largest region has reached (1.6) About one million people, and in relation to the population density in Amsterdam, it is estimated at 4,908 people per square kilometer.

The most important tourist attractions in Amsterdam

In the capital, Amsterdam, there are many tourist attractions that contribute to attracting a lot of tourists annually, the most prominent of which are:

  • Amsterdam Channels (English: Canals of Amsterdam): It is the most popular tourist channel in Amsterdam, and in the Netherlands as a whole. These channels were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2010.
  • Hermitage Museum: It is the largest technical museum connected to satellites, located along the bank of the Amstel River, and it contains more than three million artifacts mainly depicting history, and friendly relations between the Netherlands and Russia.
  • Van Gogh Museum: This museum contains many amazing works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, which makes it attracts more than 1.5 million visitors annually.
  • The Rijksmuseum: It is the main national museum in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where it displays the history of the Netherlands since the middle ages, and it also displays to its visitors the best artifacts from the Dutch Golden Age, including the famous painting of the painter Rembrandt, known as the (Night Watchman).


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