What is the capital of the Maldives

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Male is the capital of the Maldives

Male is the official capital of the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, and is 645 km away from the southwest side of Sri Lanka, and is famous for being the official seat of the government of the Maldives, as it contains a number of central courts, as it is known for its prosperity in the tourism and economic fields, and the Maldivian capital lives around 105 thousand people according to the census of 2012, and its area is limited to 5,798 km2, so it is considered one of the cities with high population density, and among its most prominent products are fish, coconuts, breadfruit (in English: breadfruit), and the manufacture of hand-made carpets from palm trees.

History of the Maldivian capital Male

Male island was the most important island of the Maldives and still is, in the previous centuries Male was the residence of the king and the central headquarters of the old monarchy, as the city was surrounded by walls and fortifications in all its aspects, and in 1968 AD the monarchy was overthrown and the system was reshaped, which caused the The demolition of the royal palace and the city walls. The Friday Mosque is considered one of the few monumental buildings in the city that still exist from the royal era until now. Now, the Mali City Council is the governmental body responsible for administration for the Maldivian capital, which includes 11 political wings, the majority of which belong to In the Maldivian Democratic Party, the Council was established in 2011 after the incorporation of the Decentralization Law with the aim of implementing local government in the Maldives.

The economic aspect of the capital Male

The economy of the capital Male depends mainly on the tourism field in it, where tourism constitutes about 28% of the country’s gross domestic product, and tourism is represented in the island’s tourist resorts, and other tourist attractions, and the capital Male also contains the Maldives port and the central port, which It is considered the center of commercial operations for the Maldives.


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