What is the capital of the Netherlands

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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of the Dutch Kingdom and it is a country in western Europe overlooking a sea called the North, and the Netherlands called it the proportion of the shape of its low lands and the meaning of Helunda or Netherland in the Dutch Kingdom of Low Lands, a quarter of the lands of the Dutch Kingdom fall under the water, whether the sea, swamps or lakes, which is the home of the tulip flowers as many They call the Dutch the sons of the tulip, which is one of the European Union countries and is bounded by its geographically and demographically similar to the Netherlands in the south, and they were one country in the ancient era, also it is bordered on the eastern side by Germany, so the German language Mint It is very large among the Dutch and speaks it fluently. It is bordered on the north and west by a sea called the North Sea.

Sections of Amsterdam

The kingdom is divided into 12 provinces that extend over an area of ​​approximately 40 thousand square kilometers and pass through the rivers of Alfal, Almaz and Rhine, and more than half of the Dutch lands were completely inundated by water due to its flat nature, but the population at the beginning of the European Industrial Revolution turned those submerged lands into lands Agricultural and grazing lands by erecting barriers and dams on river branches, and it is a wonder that complete current provinces were submerged in water, the most famous of which is the province of Flevoland, which has been completely filled with sea water, and currently there are giant projects such as the Delta project that aims to dry the waters of Soaking and unhelpful lakes and turning them into suitable agricultural lands.

Climate of Amsterdam

It is characterized by a cold climate and summer and winter rains, although most of its lands do not exceed one meter above the sea level and the highest areas of the country are the height of Mount Wallsberg, which rises 321 meters above the sea level only, and this encouraged the large population density in the Dutch lands, its area is very small in relation to For a population count of approximately 17 million people in the latest official statistics, it produced a large population density of approximately 400 people per square kilometer, and the most famous cities with population density is the capital, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, not to mention the large migrations from the Netherlands to the new world in Australia and North America Yeh and South Africa.

The language of Amsterdam

Dutch speaks in their official language, Dutch, next to a language found in Friesland that touches Frisian. German language also spreads fluency and colloquiality among the population as a second language. They follow any religion.


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