What is the capital of the Ottoman Empire

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The capital of the Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, which is currently Turkey, is considered one of the Islamic empires that was founded by Uthman I ibn Artgul. The Ottoman Empire remained around (600) years approximately from the year 1299 AD until the year 1923 AD, and its official name is the Ottoman Supreme State, its height and glory was during The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, where he controlled many regions of the three ancient global continents, namely Africa, Asia and Europe, as it controlled Asia Minor, West Asia, North Africa, and Southeast Europe, and the number of the Ottoman states was approximately (29) Ottoman states, and was called Arabs name State Alosmlah “, and the names that were fired upon also” State attic “in addition to the Ottoman Empire, was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire is the city of Bursa or Brosh as it is in the Turkish language, which occupied by the Sultan Osman died and was buried, in addition to Constantinople and the city of Edirne.

System of government in the Ottoman Empire

  • Sultan: One of his main tasks is to lead the army, isolate and appoint ministers in addition to applying Islamic law.
  • Al-Sadr Al-Aazam: Among his main tasks is an adviser to the Sultan, then a representative of the Sultan, in addition to controlling jobs and appointments in the army and administration.
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