What is the capital of the Philippines

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and is the center of its economic, social, political, and cultural activity in it. The city is located in Luzon Island, and it extends along the eastern shore of the Gulf of Manila at the mouth of the Pasig River. The original name of the city was derived which was Mainelad Of the Nilad plant, a flowering shrub that lives in the swamps, has grown abundantly along the banks of the river, and it is worth noting that the city, its cities and its municipalities were merged in 1975 AD to operate as a single administrative region by presidential decree.

Population in Manila

The population of the city of Manila is about 13,698,889 million people in the statistics of 2020, with a population density of about 42,857 people per square kilometer, and their numbers are expected to increase in the coming years, as Manila is the second largest Philippine city, and the most densely populated city in the world. The Tagalogans were the indigenous people of the city, in addition to the indigenous ethnic groups that moved to the city during the years of immigration, including the groups of Pecolanos, Visayan, Ilokanos, and Kapambangan, and others, and the city also includes large numbers of Americans, Spaniards, and Koreans, as it is one of the most cities in the world Diverse races.

Economy of Manila

Manila is the center of the largest urban area in the Philippines, and includes a number of large and picturesque ports, in addition to a major international airport, railway station and highways, and is the manufacturing center in the Philippines, where many products are manufactured, such as large metals, car assembly, and fabric. And clothing, in addition to food, cigarettes, toilet tools, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical products, where all economic and industrial activities are concentrated.

The most important sights in Manila

The Philippine city of Manila includes many monuments, and tourism, which is a source of tourist attraction, the most important of which are:

  • Fort Santiago.
  • St. Augustine Church.
  • Pinto Museum of Art.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
  • Ayala Museum.
  • National Museum of the Philippine People.
  • Rizal Shrine.
  • Rizal Monument.


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