What is the capital of the Philippines

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Manila is the capital of the Philippines

Manila, which was founded in the sixteenth century, is the capital of the Philippines today
The Southeast Asian country owned many capitals at different times, as Cebu City, Baguio City, Balanan City and Quezon City are among the most famous cities that served as the capital of the country. Manila city has gained great importance in the history of the Philippine state, and these advantages The city is vast, as it contains more than seventeen provinces, and is divided by the Basij River into two parts; north and south.

History of the city of Manila

The medieval city of Manila was a busy commercial center on the banks of the Basij River, and then it was declared as a Spanish land in 1571. The Spanish formed a city council composed of twelve members headed by two mayors, and the colonists also developed the city until it became the Spanish capital in the East India region, This made Manila a popular trading center for traders from Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Great Britain captured the city for a short period in the period between 1762-1764 AD, then the city came under American rule at the beginning of the twentieth century, and violent battles took place during the Second World War, which led to the destruction of most of the buildings and structures in it during this war Then, the Philippine capital was moved to Quezon City, and Manila regained its position as the country’s capital in the month of June of the year 1976 AD, and it kept this position until the present time.

Geography of the city of Manila

Manila is located on the southern island of Luzon, and it is the largest of more than 7000 islands in the Philippines. It is bordered by Navotas, Calucan, and Quezon, and is called the Pearl of the East because of its geographical location in the Pacific Ocean. This city is considered as a financial and commercial center In the country, the main entry point for most of the other provinces and islands, and its strong influence with foreign cultures such as American and Spanish through its architecture and civilization is evident.

About the city of Manila

The city of Manila is the main city in the Philippines for four centuries, and it is the center of industrial development and the port of international entry in the country, as it is located on one of the coolest and most accurate protected ports in the Pacific region, 1,100 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong. The city has witnessed economic development Quickly after being rebuilt after it was destroyed in World War II.
Manila is characterized by its tropical climate, as the wet climate prevails in the period from June to November, while the dry climate prevails in the period from December to May, and July, August and September are considered the most humid months in the country, especially when Thunderstorms occur, and the average annual precipitation is approximately 2,000 millimeters.


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