What is the capital of the Philippines

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The city of Manila

The city of Manila (English: Manila), or the city of the Pearl of the East as it is known to many, is a large Asian city located in the Republic of the Philippines, specifically in Luzon Island (the largest island in the Republic), and it represents the administrative capital of the Philippines since 1975 AD, besides being a financial center Important for publishing, business, culture and politics in the country.

The city of Manila

The city of Manila is located in the Republic of the Philippines, specifically in the area located at the mouth of the Pasig River, which overlooks the eastern shore of the Gulf of Manila, and it occupies a geographical area of ​​39 square kilometers, and it sits on a land 13 meters above sea level. As for astronomically, the city of Manila It is located on longitude (120.98) and latitude (14.60).

Residents of the city of Manila

The metropolitan area of ​​Manila is inhabited by 13,698,889 people according to the statistics of 2020 AD, and thus it occupies the second rank among the largest cities in the Philippines in terms of population, and its population density reaches 42,857 people per square kilometer, thus it can be considered the most populated city in the world, and estimates indicate The statistic indicates that this number may rise to 18,649,422 people by 2035.

The most prominent landmarks of the city of Manila

Manila has many places and wonderful landmarks, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • Santiago Fort: It is a historical monument, located at the entrance to the Pasig River, and includes many squares, gardens and fountains.
  • St. Augustine Church: It is an historical archaeological church that is considered the oldest in the country; it was built during the period (1587-1606) CE.
  • Pinto Museum of Art: It is a wonderful museum located in the east of Manila, and includes many pieces and artworks by Filipino artists.
  • Chinese cemetery: It is a huge cemetery that contains a large number of tombs belonging to Chinese figures who died on the land of the Philippines.


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