What is the capital of the Republic of Benin

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The city of Porto Novo

Porto-Novo is an African city located in the Republic of Benin, and its national and administrative capital is represented, in addition to that it is the headquarters of the government of the country. It is a handicraft and production industry, and it has contact with the city of Cotonou via railways, and with the Nigerian city of Lagos, by road.

The city of Porto Novo

The city of Porto Novo is located in the Republic of Benin, located in the western part of the African continent, specifically in the coastal region overlooking the Gulf of Guinea, close to the country’s borders with the Nigerian Republic, and it sits on a land 20 meters above sea level, or astronomically, The city of Porto Novo is located on the longitude (2.60) and latitude (6.50).

A brief history of Porto Novo

The history of the establishment of the city of Porto Novo dates back to the sixteenth century AD, and then the Portuguese inhabited it, and they called it Porto Novo, which means in Portuguese: the new port. In order to avoid confrontation with Great Britain, and in 1883 AD, the French forces fell in the country, and the Dahomey colony was later established, and Porto Novo was designated as its capital.

The most important landmarks of Porto Novo

The city of Porto Novo includes many landmarks and wonderful tourist places, and the following are mentioned for their most important:

  • The Museum of Silva.
  • Jan Puyol Square and the vast garden.
  • The famous Honme Museum.
  • Royal palace.
  • Porto Novo Museum of Ethnography.
  • De Gouvenor Palace.
  • Charles de Gaulle Stadium.
  • Pindjari National Park.


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