What is the capital of the Republic of Myanmar

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Naypyidaw is the capital of the Republic of Myanmar

Naypyidaw is the capital of the Republic of Myanmar, and its location is located between the Shan Yoma and Bago Yoma mountain ranges. This is also the Chaungmagyi Dam several kilometers north of the city, while the Ngalaik Dam A few kilometers to the south of it, and the area of ​​the city is about 7.054.37 square kilometers, and about 924,608 people live, with a population density of about 131.1 people per square kilometer.

Historical background about Naypyidaw

The city of Naypyidaw has witnessed a somewhat short history, as its establishment dates back to the year 2002 AD at the behest of the military government, as the government contracted with at least 25 construction companies to implement the construction process, and after the construction of the city was completed, the administrative capital of the Republic was moved from Yangon to a city Naypyidaw, and that was on the sixth of November 2005 AD, and it is worth noting that the government did not provide any reason for the transfer of the capital, and on the twenty-seventh of March 2006 AD the new name of the city was officially announced, and its reconstruction process continued until 2012 AD.

General information about Naypyidaw

There is a lot of information related to the city of Naypyidaw, including:

  • Naypyidaw is the third largest city in the Republic of Myanmar.
  • It represents one of the ten fastest growing cities in the world.
  • The Burmese language is the official language of the country.
  • It is strategically located and less crowded than Yangon.
  • It is characterized by a hot and humid savannah climate, and the months between March and May are the hottest, in addition to the high humidity in the air, and the temperature reaching 38 degrees Celsius, while the months between June and October are characterized by rain.
  • The best time between November and February is the best time to visit the city.
  • The city celebrates public holidays and many festivals, including:
    • The day of the peasants, which is celebrated on the second of March, and on this day all peasants are honored because they are the largest manpower and productive in the country.
    • The water festival, which is celebrated in April, is celebrated by throwing water at everyone.
    • The full moon day, which is celebrated in May.
    • Lights Festival.
    • Memorial Day.
    • New Year in Myanmar.
    • independence Day.
  • This city represents the seat of the national government, and it is also the meeting point of the Parliament Union, and the Supreme Court is the highest judicial body in the country, the headquarters of the Presidential Palace, the official headquarters of the Council of Ministers, the military headquarters, and many other important government ministries.

Sightseeing in Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw has many attractions, including:

  • the National Museum: This huge museum was opened in 2015 after five years of construction work, and it is one of the places worth visiting in the country.
  • Landmark National Park: These parks are located on an area of ​​1.6187 square kilometers, and showcases the most amazing sites of Myanmar in a thumbnail.
  • Garden water fountain: This park is located in the city center, and it is a grassy park that includes basins, rocking bridges, art sculptures, and others.


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