What is the capital of the Republic of Peru

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Lima city

Lima is a large coastal city that is found in the Republic of Peru, and it represents the national capital in it, in addition to being the industrial, administrative, and major city in the Republic, and in which cultural, educational, governmental, cultural, and governmental institutions are concentrated: Legislative, Palace of Justice, and other executive branches of government, ministries.

Lima city location

Lima is located in the Republic of Peru located in the South American continent, specifically in the central coastal part of the Republic, which overlooks the Pacific coast from the western side, to the south of the Rio Rimac River, and in the vicinity of the foothills of the Andes Mountains to the east, and it sits on it It reaches 154 meters (500 feet) high, and occupies a geographical area of ​​3,900 km2 (1,506 sq miles). As for astronomically, the city of Lima is located on the longitude (2 ′ 77 °) and the latitude (12 °).

Lima city residents

The urban area of ​​the city of Lima is inhabited by 10,554,712 people, according to the statistics of the year two thousand and nineteen, and it occupies the first rank in the list of major cities in the Republic of Peru in terms of population, as it occupies the fifth rank between the largest cities in the two continents two thousand years Given the total area of ​​the city, the population density reaches 3,000 people per km2 (7,000 people per square mile), and statistical estimates indicate that this number will rise to 12,971,998 people, by the year thirty-five.

The most important landmarks of Lima city

The city of Lima contains many places and wonderful landmarks, and the following is mentioned for the most important of them:

  • Larco Museum: This museum, which is one of the most important museums of the city, is housed in a building dating back to the eighteenth century, and includes a large number of pieces made of ceramic.
  • Iglesia de Santo Domingo Church: It is an archaeological and historical church that is considered one of the most important religious places in the city.
  • The Magic Fountain of Water: It is a group of wonderful water fountains, which look more beautiful with the presence of colorful lights.
  • Lima Museum of Art: It is a museum, and a fascinating exhibition dedicated to the fine arts, although it includes many old and modern artworks.


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