What is the capital of the Republic of South Africa

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Capitals of the Republic of South Africa

In fact, there is no specific administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa; it has a government divided between the three powers: the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary, knowing that these powers are administered legally from three different cities that in turn represent the capitals of the republic, and the following is mentioned for each Among these capitals:

Cape Town

Cape Town is the capital of South Africa, its legislative center, and seat of its parliament, in addition to being the economic center of Western Cape Province, a city inhabited by approximately 3,740,000 people. It should be noted that this city had a prominent role in the history of the Republic, as it represented an important center on the road to spice trade during the fifteenth century AD, but in 1814 CE, Cape Town came under the control of the British, and British colonies joined it; to form the Union of South Africa in In the year 1910 AD, then it became the capital of the country, and its legislative center – as mentioned previously -.

The city of Pretoria

Pretoria, which dates back to 1855, is the administrative capital of the Republic of South Africa since 1910, and the seat of the government of the country, located in Götting County, specifically in the region around the Monkey River, which overlooks the foothills of the Magaliesburg Mountains, which is It is distinguished by its magnificent architectural planning, and the presence of many cultural monuments, picturesque gardens, nature reserves, diamond mines and railways.

The city of Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein – whose foundation dates back to 1846 CE – is the judicial capital of the Republic of South Africa, and is located in the Free State Province, and its administrative capital, and the seat of the Mangaung Municipality, is well known for being an important educational center; it includes many institutions, Educational institutions, such as universities, schools, etc., and in addition, the city of Bloemfontein is an industrial and transportation center; it contains railways, and factories devoted to the production of foodstuffs, glassware, plastic materials, and furniture, in which the Protestant Church Dutch country is considered the oldest in the country.


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