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The capital of the state of Algeria

The capital of the state of Algeria and the largest city in it is the city of Algeria, and the capital is located in the central northern part of the state on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of approximately 500,000 people. Algeria has been called this name in relation to the four islands that it now contains. In the year 944 A.D., then the city became an important Spanish commercial city, which helped its growth and prosperity. Just as the presence of Europeans in the city in the twentieth century contributed to its further development, and now the city is an important financial, commercial and economic center, specifically on the stock exchange.

History of the city of Algeria

The city of Algeria was established by the Phoenicians to be a colony of their colonies, and in 373 AD the Mauritanian leader deprived Fermus of the city. The capital, and in 1514 AD, the Spanish fortified the island of Benon in the Gulf of Algeria in response to piracy attacks by residents of the capital on Spanish seaborne trade, then in 1529 AD the Ottomans expelled the Spanish and Algeria came under the Ottoman authority under the leadership of Barbarossa, and in 1830 AD, the city of Algeria became a military and administrative headquarters for the French colonial empire in North and West Africa. In the 1950s, the Algerian uprising against France began and the capital was a focal point in this struggle until Algeria gained independence in 1962 AD.

Tourist attractions in the city of Algeria

We mention here some of the tourist attractions in the city of Algeria:

  • The shrine of the martyr: This memorial was built to commemorate the Algerian War of Independence, and it features palm leaves and an eternal flame.
  • Bani Hammad Fort: This castle, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is located in the southeast of the city of Algiers, and it was the first capital of the Hammadidan State.

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