What is the capital of the state of Canada

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The capital of the State of Canada

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, which is the fourth largest city in the state of Canada, and is considered one of the fastest developing cities due to the low level of crime in it, in addition to the low unemployment and developments in the global technical fields. The city of Ottawa is a great example of Canada’s growing identity and a center for multiple nationalities, It is the political center of the state of Canada, which is one of the constitutional monarchical states, and is the home of the head of state, and the population of the city of Ottawa is 812,129, located between latitude 45.41 and longitude -75.7.

Geography of Ottawa

Ottawa is located on the south bank of the Ottawa River via Gatineau specifically at the confluence of the Ottawa, Gatineau and Redeau rivers, which is the main tributary of the St. Lawrence River and is a major factor in the development of this city, as the waters cover more than 148,000 square kilometers, and in it many resources such as fur and wood are transported And minerals from the city, and the waterfalls located in the west of the Rideau Canal, “the Chowder River Falls”, posed a naval threat to the fur trade at some point in time, but later they contributed to the production of hydroelectric power for the city of Ottawa.

Tourism in Ottawa

Uttara has many attractions, including:

  • Canadian War Museum: This museum is characterized by its award-winning architecture, and the Canadian War Museum consists of many artifacts, animated galleries, art, and photos that highlight Canada’s long military history.
  • Parliament Hill: It is the office of Parliament headquarters which consists of three buildings reviving the Gothic overlooking the Ottawa River, and free daily guided tours are provided at this headquarters.
  • Rediao channel: It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and boats fill this canal in the summer, but in winter they turn into a large surface of ice that is called the world’s largest ski circuit.


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