What is the capital of the state of Indonesia

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Jakarta city

Jakarta is located in the Republic of Indonesia, and represents its national capital, and the largest city between its cities, in addition to that it is considered the center of trade, industry, money, transportation, and administration in the country; it includes a huge port that is considered the largest in the region And, many of the factories, developed economic institutions, and fertile agricultural lands also include an advanced international airport.

Jakarta city location

Jakarta is located in the Asian Republic of Indonesia, specifically in the area overlooking the northwestern shore of the Java Sea, opposite the Bay of Jakarta, and at the mouth of the Seelong River, and the land on which the city of Jakarta is located is a simple, flat, flat area that extends through the city. Ten meters above sea level, as for astronomically speaking, Jakarta is located on longitude (106.85), and latitude (-6.21).

Residents of the city of Jakarta

The urban area of ​​the city of Jakarta has 10,638,689 people, according to the statistics of the two thousand and nineteen, and it is thus considered the largest city in Indonesia, and the region of Southeast Asia, as it is considered one of the major urban areas in the world, and the population density reaches 64 km2 in the city. (37,460 per sq mi), and statistical estimates indicate that by the year two thousand and thirty five, the number will increase to 13,688,321 people.

The most important landmarks of the city of Jakarta

The city of Jakarta includes many places and wonderful landmarks, the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • the National Museum: It is the most important museum in the country; it includes many works that exceed one thousand and seven hundred works by local artists, and foreigners.
  • Liang-Liang Museum: It is a wonderful museum dedicated to kites; it contains about six hundred kite models.
  • Jin Di Yuan Temple: It is an ancient historical Buddhist temple, built in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five, and it is distinguished for its magnificent and attractive architectural design.
  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Park: It is a park, and a vast city for recreation, and includes many cinemas, museums, theaters, and others.


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