What is the capital of the state of Kazakhstan

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Astana is the second largest city in Kazakhstan, and the capital of the country, and it is considered a modern city that designs many shopping centers in addition to the beautiful mosques, and the summer is one of the warmest seasons, and in contrast, the winter is one of the long, dry and cold seasons. Exceptionally, it is located at latitude 51.18 and longitude 71.45, and an estimated 358 meters above sea level.

Architecture in Astana

Astana Opera

It is considered one of the newly created theaters as it was built in the year 2013 AD on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and this theater was created according to the best classical architectural standards, and associated with the decorations of the country, and it should be noted that many international and local celebrities have appeared on this stage.

Bayterek Tower

The height of this building is 97 meters, and it contains 33 floors. It is considered one of the most famous constellations in the country, but it is not considered one of the highest, and it was designed in the form of the sacred tree of life, to represent a new beginning in the history of the country, and what distinguishes it is the existing big ball Inside it, which swings during a strong wind.

Peace and Reconciliation Palace

Also known as the Peace and Concord Palace, this palace was built between the period 2004 AD and 2006 AD in the form of a huge pyramid with a height of 62 meters, and a length and width of 62 meters also, and the lower part of it was covered with pale granite, while Pale Granite The upper part of it is covered with stained glass, and this palace includes a group of educational facilities, the national center of the various geographical and ethnic groups present in the country, in addition to the opera house which contains 1,500 seats.


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