What is the capital of the state of Libya

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Tripoli is the capital of Libya

Tripoli is the capital of the state of Libya, the largest city in it, and a major port for the country, which is located in the northwest of the country along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and Tripoli is an important shipping center, and there is an international airport and port, as well as a network of Highways, such as the coastal highway linking Tripoli, Benghazi, and Cairo, and there is another road linking Tripoli and the city of Sobha in the south, and Tripoli is the most densely populated area in Libya, where its population when calculating the surrounding urban area is 2,098,000 people according to statistics In the year 2005 AD.

History of Tripoli

The city of Tripoli was founded in the seventh century B.C., and it was known as the Oea by the Phoenicians who founded it, then it was taken over by the Romans in the first century B.C., then it moved to the hand of the Hotel in the fifth century A.D. In the seventh century AD, when the city of Tripoli was a station for important caravans passing through the desert, and in 1510 AD it fell into the hands of the Spaniards, then it was taken over by the Ottoman Turks.

Tripoli was in the period from 1711 AD to 1835 AD the seat of the Qaraman dynasty, as the city was a major base for the barbarian pirates, and in 1911 AD the Italians took control of it and became their capital, but in 1943 AD it was occupied by the British.

Economy in Tripoli

Tripoli plays an important role in the economy of Libya because of its location and its position as its capital, and it is characterized by many financial and banking services, in addition to the telecommunications sector, as the industry plays an important role in the city’s economy, where building materials, processed foods and tobacco products are manufactured, and a large number of International investors to the city, and contributed to the development of its economy, also saw an increase in the number of tourists, which in turn contributed to the growth of the city’s hotel sector.


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