What is the capital of the state of Nigeria

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Abuja is the current capital of Nigeria, as it became so in 1991 after Lagos was its capital, and it is considered one of the most developed cities in the continent of Africa and in the whole world, and it is worth noting that the official language is English, In addition to many other languages ​​such as: the language of Europe, and the Fulani language, it can be said that half of the population of this region follows the Islamic religion, and 40% of the population follows the Christian religion, and the remainder follow other religions other.

Tourism in Abuja

Abuja includes a group of places that a visitor can go to, including:

  • The National MosqueIt is considered one of the most impressive places in it because of its golden-colored dome in the sun. It was built in 1984 AD and is also known as the Nigerian National Mosque.
  • Lake Gabi: Visitors who love nature and beautiful colors can head to this lake in order to enjoy the beautiful sunset view.
  • Abuja Arts and Crafts Village: This market provides visitors with a wide range of handmade gifts that visitors can acquire as souvenirs.
  • Zuma Rock: This rock rises 725 m above the surface of the earth, overlooking the surrounding terrain, and what distinguishes this rock is the presence of lines on its surface, which were naturally formed in the form of a human face, including what it contains like the mouth and eyes, and the indigenous people of this region believe that this face represents the force that controls She manages society affairs, besides it is rumored that after her death souls come to this rock because it represents a gateway to another life.

The markets in Abuja

Abuja has many markets that a visitor can go to, including:

  • Jarki International Market Garki International Market: It is one of the modern markets in Abuja, and prices are cheaper in it compared to other markets, and the visitor can find sweets in addition to clothes.
  • Cadeau Fish Market (In English: Kado fish market): This market offers fresh fish in addition to many fresh products. It depends on selling at wholesale prices for these products in addition to selling poultry, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, spices, and other products.


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