What is the capital of the state of Palestine

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Jerusalem is the capital

The city of Jerusalem has great historical and religious significance, as it is classified among the oldest cities in the world, with an area of ​​126 square kilometers, and the population density of the city is estimated at 7200 people per square kilometer. However, the status of the Holy City exceeds its geographical appearance and spatial landmark, it is licked With the smell of history, heritage, and identity associated with the cultures of art, literature, and architecture, and from this perspective, Jerusalem was not only the capital of the State of Palestine, but exceeded that to be a permanent capital of Islamic culture, and the city won that honor with the unanimous approval of the culture ministers of Islamic countries in The world concluded the works of the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers with its special session in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

History of the capital of Palestine

The establishment of the city of Jerusalem dates back to the Jebusites who are of Canaanite origins, as they gave them the name Yebus in the year 2500 BC, while the name of the city was changed in the jurisdiction of the Jebusite ruler, Melchizedek, where he called it Ursalem, which means the city of peace, as the Sadiq expanded the city, and he built in it A religious synagogue and called it Beit Quds, so the name moved to the city and it became called Beit al-Maqdis. On the other hand, the Prophet David took Jerusalem as the capital of his king in the year 1000 BC.

Geography of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem sits amid a plateau surrounded by valleys and dry rivers, as it is surrounded by mountains from the eastern and northeastern sides, and adjacent to the north by the city of Ramallah, and from the south by the cities of Bethlehem and Beit Jala, as it is bordered by the village of Abu Dis from the east, and the city of Jerusalem is far from the Mediterranean It is 59.55 km and 35.41 km from the Dead Sea.

The most important historical monuments in Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is distinguished by its religious significance, as there are many religious monuments and historical urban features of up to 2000 monuments distributed throughout the city, and architecture and architecture are the most important distinguishing features of the ancient city, such as the Dome of the Rock, whose floor and walls are decorated with unique mosaics and decorations And distinctive, where they formed it ornamenters of very small cubes of stones, shells, and glass stained blue, green, white, black, silver, brown, in addition to the colors of purple and red.
The mosque is distinguished by its golden elevated dome, which was built by the engineers Yazid bin Salam and Rajaa bin Haywa Al-Kindi by order of the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik bin Marwan, as they began building them in 66 AH / 685 AD, and they finished in 72 AH / 691 AD, despite the Dome of the Rock being destroyed due to factors Naturalism, such as fires, storms, and earthquakes, the Muslim caliphs did not hesitate to repair and restore them.


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