What is the capital of the State of Qatar

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The State of Qatar is located in the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, and its borders converge with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, where Al-Thani has ruled since the mid-nineteenth century. Qatar has witnessed in the past sixty years a major economic change that enabled it to be a country with a large resulting economy For oil and natural gas revenues, the area of ​​the State of Qatar is 11,586 km2, with a population of 2,363,569 people, according to the July census of 2020.

The capital of the State of Qatar

Doha (English: Doha) is considered the capital of the official state of Qatar, and Doha is located in the east coast of the State of Qatar, where Qatar is a peninsula located on the shores of the Arab Gulf, and it is worth noting that more than two-fifths of the population of the State of Qatar resides in the city of Doha, as it is distinguished as A port of great importance locally, due to the presence of shallow waters and marine coral reefs.

The city’s economy was affected after the Japanese introduced pearl cultivation, and the economic recession that the world witnessed in that period helped, but the city returned to prosperity after the Second World War with the beginning of the use of oil economically after it only covered local needs, and the country witnessed great prosperity, and an improvement in The individual entered it, just as the old neighborhoods were demolished, to be replaced by modern residential neighborhoods and industrial areas, and its construction increased by building an international deep-water port, an international airport, Qatar University, and an educational city, and a museum dedicated to Islamic art was designed.

Doha city climate

Doha has a hot, dry desert climate. Where the temperatures in the summer season reach about 38 degrees Celsius, where the weather is hot, and relatively humid, and the summer period extends between the months of May and September, while the temperature in the winter season is about 21 degrees Celsius with a slight possibility of rain, and the winter season extends from October to April.

The most important tourist attractions in the city of Doha

Doha city has many tourist attractions that attract visitors from different countries of the world, and the following is mentioned for the most important of them:

Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche extends along the entire coast of the city for a length of seven kilometers, and this Corniche is characterized by its view of the beautiful city landmarks of towers, museums, and others, where a visitor can see wooden sailing boats that roam the coastal waters expressing the ancient past of the city, and the Corniche is characterized by green areas Spacious, sports and hiking areas that are free of vehicles with a number of restaurants, cafes and relaxation areas.

Standing market

This landmark is considered one of the most attractive landmarks in the city of Doha, as the Souq Waqif was built in the place of the old market of the city, where the Bedouin people used it in the past to sell sheep, products, and commodities trading, and the market was rebuilt in a smart way that preserves the ancient and original features dating back to the century Nineteenth, with clay shops and old wooden designs, as well as the development of other buildings. The market also contains many stores specialized in selling heritage products, with stores selling antiques and antiques from all over the Arab world, with many restaurants and cafes open throughout the day.

Doha Castle

Doha Castle was built in 1927 AD in the city center, where it was used in the past for military purposes, and this castle was recently converted into a museum that includes many ancient tools that were intended for hunting, in addition to oil paintings, wooden decorations, and many others.

Barzan Towers

Barzan towers were built between 1910 and 1916, and were restored in the beginning of the year 2003 AD, with a height of 16 meters. These towers were used in the past to monitor and protect local water sources. It was also used as a lunar calendar observatory. Barzan Towers are located on the outskirts of Doha in a village called Umm Salal, and the word Barzan means the high place.

Banana Island Resort

Banana Island is one of the most important tourist destinations in Doha, as the island takes the form of a crescent. It is distinguished by a 800-meter-long beach, with green spaces and tropical plants in it. The island contains six restaurants of various cuisines, such as traditional, American, Italian, and others.

Islamic art museum

One of the most famous museums specialized in Islamic art, as it includes many works of art such as wood sculptures, metalwork, glass artifacts, and ancient manuscripts. The museum includes monuments covering the Mughal period and the period of Safavid rule. This museum is considered one of the most important cultural institutions globally, and it contains guides and tips to help understand its contents.

the National Museum

The National Museum is one of the most prominent museums in the city, and it was designed in a very complex way, as it is inspired by a natural phenomenon called the desert rose, a phenomenon that describes the gathering of sand crystals to take the shape of the rose in specific conditions and atmosphere, and the museum is distinguished by its white color, and it contains many sharp edges in Its design.

Katara Cultural Village

It is a cultural village that contains many theaters and exhibition spaces designed in the style of heritage architecture, which is used to hold theatrical performances, music festivals, and any other cultural presentations held throughout the year. Among the most famous of these offers is the Youth Generations Festival, which is presented in cooperation with the Doha Film Institute, which takes place in the month of November of each year. Wonderful over Doha. The visitor also finds many kiosks, and local markets devoted to selling various products.


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