What is the capital of the state of Rwanda

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The capital of the state of Rwanda

Kigali is the capital of the state of Rwanda, located at latitude -1.95 and longitude 30.06, and is considered the largest city in Rwanda, covering an area of ​​725.2 square kilometers, and a population of more than 1.2 million people, where the population of Kigali About 70% of the population of the state, and the youth group constitute about 60% of the population, and women constitute about 50%, and the city of Kigali consists of three administrative regions, namely: Gasabo (English: Kicukiro), and Nyarujanji (English: Nyarugenge).

Kigali City Founded

The city of Kigali was established in 1907 AD, and it was discovered by the doctor and explorer Richard Kandt, after a period of the German colonial administration appointed him representative and ambassador in Rwanda, and Kigali was a small city, and the seat of a number of kings, including: Motara II, And Kigaili IV, and Yuhei V, as it was officially recognized as the capital of the state after independence, and was chosen because of its central location in the country, where it is located in the center of the state, and was considered its commercial center previously, and then it became its regional center during the Belgian colonial period in 1919-1962 AD, and from Then it became a city Kigali, the capital of Rwanda after its independence in 1962 AD, is currently the seat of the Head of State.

Geography and climate of Kigali

The city of Kigali is located in a mountainous region, and there are many steep hills, with an average height of about 1600 meters, and Mount Kigali is the highest hill in the city, and its height is about 1850.14 meters. The city’s climate is characterized by the tropical savanna climate, which is a dry season, and it falls on it There are two types of monsoons in the two periods between March and May, and between October and November, and they are cooler than other cities near the equator, due to their high levels.

Kigali city features

In the city of Kigali there are many important and tourist places, which can be visited and identified, where there is the Palace Museum, and many memorials that represent the history of the civil war in Rwanda, and there are many cultural experiences, and near the city of Kigali there is the Akagera National Park, It is home to a diverse group of wild animals, such as: giraffes and zebras, and where the main Rwanda airport from which flights to Brussels, Amsterdam, and many African cities depart, in addition to the presence of an industrial zone, includes several industries, such as: factories of Shoes, paint, leather tanning, and factories smelting and mining.


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