What is the capital of the state of Senegal?

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Dakar is the capital of Senegal

The city of Dakar is the capital of the State of Senegal, and it is one of the main seaports on the western coast of the African continent, and it is located midway between the estuaries of the Gambia River and the Senegal River in the southeastern side of the Cape Verde peninsula, and close to the most point in West Africa. That Dakar is located along the Atlantic Ocean, and sits on a total area of ​​83 square kilometers, and more than a million people live.

The role of Dakar as the capital of Senegal

Dakar plays a distinctive role as it is the capital of the State of Senegal, as it is the seat of the Senegalese government, and it is home to the official residences of the President of Senegal and the Prime Minister, in addition to being the home of the National Council, the highest courts in the country, and many departments and other government offices, as it represents the axis The country’s economic.

History of Dakar

Portugal colonized Senegal, then France colonized it in 1677 AD, and the French built a fortress in it in 1857 AD, in order to protect the interests of merchants in the region, and to protect the inhabitants of the island off the coast of the Cape Verde peninsula. It is worth noting that the city developed little by little; Dakar became A major center for peanut export, then in 1902 saw St. Louis replaced the city of Dakar as the capital of French West Africa, and by 1961 AD, French West Africa was divided into several independent countries, and after a short period of time Dakar became the capital of the financial union, and in 1960 AD it was chosen Du’s capital Independent of Senegal.

General information about Dakar

There is a lot of information related to the Senegalese capital, including the following:

  • The Port of Dakar is one of the best in West Africa, protected by limestone slopes and a breakwater system.
  • The name of the city of Dakar is due to the word Dakhar, which is the name of the Indian date tree, and the name for the coastal village of Libo.

Tourist places in Dakar

The Senegalese capital Dakar hosts many tourist places that are worth a visit, including the following:

  • Goree Island: It is a small island located off the coast of the sea, and is characterized by its pleasant atmosphere, and contains the slave house, which was the house that was used to transport slaves to America.
  • IFAN Museum of African Arts: This museum contains a wonderful collection of statues, and a number of masks belonging to the West of the African continent.
  • Des Almadies: This place is located in the western part of the city, and on the side that faces the ocean, and this place represents a great location for watching seabirds, in addition to the availability of popular restaurants.
  • African Renaissance Monument: It was opened in 2010 AD, as a result of Africa’s independence from European colonialism and the end of the slave trade.

Note: There are many other places to visit in the city, such as: the Grand Mosque, Han Park, Lake Retba, and others.


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