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The capital of the State of Singapore

The capital of the State of Singapore is Singapore, which has a population of 3,547.809, located at 1.29 latitude and 103.85 longitude, and rises above sea level 23 meters, which is the political center of the Republic of Singapore.

Information about Singapore

The island of Singapore is one of the small islands that belong to the southeastern side of the continent of Asia between the states of Malaysia and Indonesia, and it consists of sixty-three islands, as it embraces the largest ports in the world, and the island of Singapore is considered a major island in Singapore and is characterized by being the largest island in Singapore in addition to It has the most population and has an area of ​​710 km, and Singapore is organized
An exhibition called the Singapore City Gallery is concerned with showing the achievements that have occurred in making the city of Singapore a favorite tourist destination while preserving many green spaces in its lands and providing a decent life for millions of people in it.

Literature in Singapore

The English literature in Singapore dates back to the nineteenth century, and includes literary works collected by Singaporeans in any of the four major languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil, and Singaporean writers such as: Tan Sui Heian and Cup Bao Kun have made a significant contribution to Singapore literature Among the well-known writers in Singapore are: Angeline Yap, Arthur Yap, Aaron Lee Sun Young, Hsu-Ming Teo, Hui Hui Tan, Simon Tai, Edwin Thumbu, Tuo Hsien Min, Yong Shu Hong, and by 1965 AD a new breed of Singaporean writers appeared Such as: Edwin Thumbu, Gopal Bharatam, Guo Poh Singh, and V In the late nineties of the twentieth century, English poetry in the country found great strength with a new generation of poets, while the current trend of Singapore poetry focuses on both political awareness and the personal perspective of Singaporean culture and society.

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