What is the capital of the State of Spain

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The city of Madrid

The European city of Madrid is located in the Kingdom of Spain, and its administrative capital and the largest city are in it, in addition to that it is the center of money, business, government offices, the Spanish parliament, the residence of the Spanish royal family, and an important habitat for many institutions, institutions, And research centers, sports clubs, and others.

The location and area of ​​Madrid

Madrid is located in the Kingdom of Spain, specifically in the province of Madrid, in the central part of the country, and in the region near the center of the Iberian Peninsula, and it sits on a plateau made of sand and mud, reaching a height of 635 meters (2,100 feet), which is Thus, it is considered one of the highest capitals in the world, and the city occupies with its geographical area up to 606 km2 (234 sq mi), while the total area of ​​the province (the city, and its environs) is 1,942 km2 (750 sq mi), and in relation to the astronomical aspect, Madrid is a city On revolving Display (26 ’40 °), longitude (42′ 3 °).

Madrid city residents

Madrid has a population of more than 3.3 million people, while the urban area has 6,559,041 people, according to the statistics of the year two thousand and nineteen, and it is thus considered the largest city among the cities of the Kingdom of Spain, as it occupies the third rank in the list of major urban areas in the Union European population in terms of population, after the cities of London and Paris, and the population density in the city reaches 5,400 people per km2 (14,000 per km²), and statistical estimates indicate that by the year two thousand and thirty five to 6,975,017 people, knowing that the proportion The indigenous population is 84%, and the rest are immigrants who entered the country since the early 2000s.

The climate of Madrid is city

The city of Madrid enjoys by virtue of its location a dry climate in the summer, cold and windy during the winter, and relatively mild during the spring and autumn seasons, with surprising weather effects, as temperatures reach 38 degrees Celsius in August and July. Severe is strong during the winter. Generally, the average temperature in Madrid ranges between five to twenty-four degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall ranges from 11 mm in July to 50 mm in October.


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