What is the capital of the state of Switzerland

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Berne is the capital of the State of Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and it takes its position in the center of the western part of the country. It is located along a narrow bank of the River A, and its origins are due to its presence next to the river, which formed from it a military location on the border between the German-speaking population and others who speak French. Berne, by the year 2020, has 133,791 inhabitants, and the city is ranked fourth in terms of population in Switzerland. The capital of the Canton of Bern is the second most populated among the cantons of the country, and German is the official language in it.

The old capital of Switzerland

Bern is located on one of the plateaux surrounded by the Ary River, and the city was founded in the eighteenth century, and there are many buildings built of sandstone limestone, which are built for different eras, and maintenance and restoration work was done for the medieval buildings, which include the walls, towers On the other hand, the design of the old city contains wide streets that contain markets and water structures. This design of buildings in Bern and the entrances to the houses are characterized by arched roofs.

Capital institutions and their economy

The Federal Capital of Switzerland is the center of the telegraph, postal, and railway institutions and the National Bank. The city also includes the University of Bern, which was founded in 1834 AD, in addition to the National Library of Switzerland, which was founded in 1895 AD. This is where the Kunstmuseum opened in 1879 AD, and on the one hand Another is the region’s economy relying on the manufacture of electrical machinery, medicine, and chemicals, in addition to the manufacture of printing supplies and chocolate.

Transport links in Bern

Bern can be reached by car transport, as the roads of the capital of Switzerland are linked to the cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bernese Oberland, and the streets of Bern can be walked without cars, as it can be parked in the garages built in the city in the form of floors, and on its part the city can be entered by plane as well, The city has an airport connected to the cities of Palma, Menorca, and Elba, which is 10 kilometers from the city center, from which passengers leave the city by taking buses to the Belb Train Station, as the main station in Bern.

Bern’s Old Town

The old city of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage site which was approved in 1983 AD. It is worth noting that Bern includes many landmarks such as: Prison Tower, Clock Tower, Munster Cathedral, Fountains, and many cultural places, as well as shops, located in two central markets that mediate in Their location is the city, where the stores that were built during the Middle Ages are used under houses, as shops displaying the fashion produced by factories and companies, including fashion and arts. For its part, the city’s markets are full of flowers, meat, and fresh products, which are offered for sale every Tuesday and Saturday in the Cathedral Square H.


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