What is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman

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The capital of the Sultanate of Oman

Oman is one of the Gulf countries with its capital, its ruler, Sheikh Qaboos, and it is close to the Emirates, where there is a beautiful area with enchanting eyes, and it is a city of fog called a salon to which Gulf residents visit in the summer because its climate is beautiful and attractive.

The administrative importance of Muscat

The Governorate of Muscat is the capital of government, finance, and business in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is considered the central region of the state, both at the political, economic and administrative level, in which the city of Muscat is located “Al-Amirah” as it is called, the Sultanate’s capital, the seat of government and the center of the state’s administrative apparatus. At the local or external level. Muscat Governorate is located on the Gulf of Oman in the southern part of the Al Batinah coast. It is confined between the Gulf of Oman and the eastern Hajar Mountains, and the Governorate of Muscat is the most densely populated region of the Sultanate and the center of business and finance is the focus of attention.

History of Muscat

Muscat is an ancient city in its history, contemporary in its present. It played an important role as a commercial station since the beginning of the Islamic eras, and it is considered one of the most important commercial centers due to its important strategic location. In the capital, Muscat and its provinces, we see the wonderful mixture between the ancient civilizational heritage and the contemporary modern contemporary character, in which you see houses, gates and old markets that smell of original historical fragrantness, small shops and narrow twisted roads next to modern white houses, modern markets, shops and wide streets with modern urban planning, preserving Oman’s historical character Civilization and confer on it in the spirit of the times and modernity. It was also called in the old name of Masked. Muscat became famous as one of the cleanest Arab capitals, and it was thus honored to win the competition for the cleanest Arab city several times in a row, and as a culmination of this, many heads of state and decision-makers booked large areas in Muscat as resorts and recreational areas for them.

Landmarks of the state of Muscat

It was established 900 years ago and was known for its historical role. It is an oasis of greenery, cleanliness and order. It is characterized by its modern road network and advanced organized services. Among the important tourist attractions there are:

The town of Sifah

There is a fortress called Al Seifah Fort, which overlooks the sea on one side, and the valley on the other side. The walls of the city of Muscat in all previous ages were considered the first defensive line to fortify and protect the city from attackers and enemies, given that the city is surrounded by natural rocks that serve as the natural walls of the walls. The presence of other walls surrounding the city from the western and southern sides, which were built in 1625 CE and built many circular towers. As for the north and east side, it is protected by the Gulf of Muscat and the eastern mountains from one side.

The walls of Muscat

The walls of Muscat include three main entrances or doors: Al-Mathaib Gate, the Grand Gate and the Small Gate. The first is located in the western corner, below Al-Mirani Castle, and the second at the end of the western side of the walls. It is the entrance that leads to most of the roads leading to all the outskirts of Muscat and the city of Muttrah as well. The small third door is located in the middle of the southern rib, and is also considered a major entrance, as mentioned earlier.
Archaeological Houses: There are five archaeological houses in Muscat: the instinct of Sayyid Nader and Mr. Abbas bin Faisal, and the villages of Al-Jissah, Al-Khiran and Al-Sifah are among the coastal tourist sites with their clear blue waters and picturesque nature, where the waves and rocks embrace each other in a charming enchanting beauty.

The creeks

And on the shore of the creeks, the creeks overlap between mountains erected in the waters of the blue sea, which is a beach that includes marine shrubs called (mangroves). As for the third beach in the village of Al-Sifah, to the southeast of the city of Muscat and connected to the state of Qurayyat, it is a quiet and beautiful beach, which made it a center to attract many citizens and residents to set up their camps on it on weekends and holidays.

Other parameters

  • Bandar Al Rawda Marine Club: It offers many recreational activities, boat rental and diving lessons.
  • Oman Diving Club: It is located in Bandar Al-Jissah, opposite the beach, and it provides an opportunity to learn and practice scuba diving.
  • Capital Yachting Center, Marine Science and Fishing Center, Oman Petroleum Development Company Exhibition, Public Technical Library.

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