What is the capital of the United Kingdom

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world, and the largest city in Britain, and its history extends to more than two thousand years. It is located in the southeast of England on the banks of the River Thames, eighty kilometers from its estuary, and London is the most populous city in the Kingdom. It is a leading city in the field of art, education, entertainment, finance, trade, media, and an investment attraction point that includes many commercial companies, and the city is characterized by a diversity of population where its residents speak more than 300 different languages.

The most important landmarks in London

The city of London contains many important landmarks, some of which are mentioned below:

  • The British Museum: The British Museum is located in the heart of the capital, London. It was built in 1753 AD and was visited by more than six million people in 2015 AD. The museum is a beacon of history, culture, art and a source to attract tourists from various regions of the world.
  • National Gallery: The National Gallery is located in the heart of the British capital and is the second most visited place in England. It was established in 1824 AD, and includes more than 2,300 pieces of art, some of which date back to the mid-thirteenth century until the year 1900 AD.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum: This museum was established in 1852 AD and called this name in honor of Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. The museum includes a group of art pieces, which number about four million, and attracts more than three million visitors annually.
  • Big Ben clock: The clock tower is located in the Westminster neighborhood in London and has a length of about 97 meters and a clockwise length of 2.7 and 4.3 m. The watch is famous for the accuracy and the magnitude of the bell that weighs about 15.1 tons. It is worth noting that the watch was designed by Edmund Beckett Dennison in cooperation with George astronomer Erie and watchmaker Edward Dent.

Some facts about the city of London

Among the facts related to the British capital are the following:

  • London dominates the UK visual arts sector, which represents 30% of the art in the world.
  • London Fashion Week generates more than £ 100m of order revenue.
  • London has more than 800 bookstores, more than 380 public libraries and the British Library is one of them.
  • The Wilton Music Hall is the oldest music hall in the world. It was built in 1743 AD and still stands today as a living witness to London’s musical history.
  • The city is hosting the London Design Festival, which is a world-leading event that attracts more than 350,000 people for innovative projects and advanced designs.


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