What is the capital of the United Kingdom

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London city

London is the largest European city in the United Kingdom, and its administrative and national capital is represented, in addition to that it is the capital of England (part of the United Kingdom). Founded in the year 50 AD, this city has flourished and flourished throughout its long history, becoming one of the leading cities in the world, besides being an important center for money, economy, culture, tourism, education, trade, art, entertainment, transportation, health, and media. Which means that it is the center of the country, and the first destination in it.

London city location

London is located in the United Kingdom, specifically in the southeastern part of England, in the region about 80 km from the mouth of the Thames River in the North Sea, and it is located on the borders with the provinces of Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Staffordshire and Essex.

The city occupies within its borders a geographical area of ​​1,572 km² (607 sq miles), while it sits on a land about twenty-five meters above sea level. As for astronomically speaking, the city of London is located on the longitude (-0.13) and latitude (51.5) .

City of London residents

London has 9,176,530 people, the urban area of ​​the city, according to the statistics of the two thousand and nineteen, and it is thus considered the largest city among the cities of the United Kingdom, as it occupies the first place in the list of major European Union cities, with the number of inhabitants, the number of the third population, the number of the population of the third, and the number of the population of the third of the population, the number of the population of the third And that is after the cities of Istanbul and Moscow, in addition to being ranked twenty-seventh among the cities of the world, and statistical estimates indicate that this number will rise by the year two thousand and thirty-five to reach 10,556,486 people.

The most important landmarks of London city

London includes many places and wonderful tourist attractions, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • Westminster Abbey: It is an ancient gothic archaeological church characterized by its magnificent architecture.
  • Natural History Museum: It is one of the most important museums of the country; it displays many models that express natural history, such as dinosaurs.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: It is housed in a magnificent archeological building, knowing that its history dates back to more than one thousand four hundred years.
  • Modern Tate Gallery: It represents a wonderful modern art gallery located in the power station building.
  • London Tower: It is an old historical building famous for its many huge towers and magnificent gardens.


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