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Washington, DC

Washington City, or Washington, DC, and it is officially known as the District of Columbia, which is a large American city located in the United States of America, and it represents the national capital, federal, and administrative of the country, in addition to being a major tourist, economic, cultural, and tourist center The three powers: the judiciary, the legislature, the executive, and a number of important international organizations, such as: the World Bank, the Red Cross, the National Geographic Society, and others.

Washington DC location

Washington is located in the United States of America, specifically in the area overlooking the northern shore of the Potomac River, and it is located on the border with the state of Virginia from the southern side of the Potomac River, and is bordered by the state of Maryland from the eastern, northern, and western sides.

Population of Washington, DC

Washington, DC has a population of more than 693,972 people according to the statistics of the two thousand and nineteen, and about 5.7 million people in the urban area (the city, and its environs), and it is thus ranked twenty-fourth in the list of the largest cities of the United States of America in terms of population, and the seventh place between The largest urban areas in the country, and the population density reaches 3,977 people per km2 (10,298 people per square mile), and given the population composition of the population of Washington, DC, 50.1% of Americans are of African descent, 42.9% of whites, and 3. 8% of the Asian Yin and other other assets.

The most important features of Washington, DC

Washington DC includes many attractions and wonderful tourist places, and the following is a reminder of the most important:

  • National Museum of African American History and Culture: It is an impressive exhibition that includes many shows, works that express African-American relations, and its role in the emergence of the country.
  • National Gallery of Art: It is a distinctive art museum with many modern European artworks, and important works of Van Gogh, Manet and Da Vinci.
  • The Lincoln Memorial: It is an edifice, and a mausoleum belonging to the former President of America Abraham Lincoln, and the building is distinguished by its splendid architecture in classic neoclassical style.
  • Washington National Cathedral: It is a gothic cathedral with amazing architectural design.
  • American Capitol Building: It is a huge government building built in the year one thousand eight hundred.

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