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It is called in English Togo It is a country located in the west of the continent of Africa, bordered by Benin on the eastern side, Ghana on the western side, and Burkina Faso on the northern side, and the Gulf of Guinea on the southern side. Togo overlooks the Gulf of Guinea, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean, as it has short coasts on this Gulf. The coasts occupied by Togo on the Gulf of Guinea are shorter than those occupied by other African countries that overlook this Gulf.


Lome is the capital of Togo, and it is called in English Lome, Called in French LomeAs it overlooks the Gulf of Guinea, and occupies part of the northern coast of this Gulf. It is known that Togo is divided into five provinces, and 30 states distributed over these regions, and the city of Lome does not belong to any of these states, and the state that borders the city of Lome is the state of golf, or in English Golfe, This state borders the city of Lome from the east, and the north.

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Lome is located in the far southwestern part of Togo, which is a border city, as it is located on the border with Ghana, and Lome is a coastal city. With regard to administrative division, the city of Lome is located in Togo, in the Territory of Meyertyam, or in English: MaritimeAnd this region is one of the five provinces that Togo is composed of, and this region occupies the entire southern side, in addition to the coastal strip, and the city of Lome is located in relation to this region in the far southwestern side, and the city of Lome is a special and independent administrative unit.

Geography of the city of Lome

The city of Lome spans an estimated 280 km2, or 110 mi². The average height above sea level 10 m. The city of Lome is the largest city in Togo in terms of population, as its population exceeds 800 thousand people, as its population reached precisely according to the official statistics that took place in Togo in 2010: 837,437 people, and this number constitutes approximately 15.7% of the total population of Togo , Which is 5,337,000 people according to the statistics of 2010. With regard to population density in the city of Lome, it is the largest city in Togo in terms of population density, with a population density of approximately 2991 people per km2.

Lome City Economy

The city of Lome is the central capital of Togo, as it is the political, administrative, economic, industrial and commercial capital of the country, as it is the main port of Togo, and the city exports many products such as: coffee and cocoa, and it has many important economic facilities.

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