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It is considered the city of Lome Lome The capital of the Republic of Togo, the city of Lome is located on the Kenyan Gulf located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the southwestern part of the Republic of Togo, and this city is the largest among the cities of Togo, and it is also the most important industrial and administrative cities, with a population of seven hundred thousand people and more.

Lome City Economy

There is a famous port in Lome, as this port is the main and important port of Togo for export, from which its products are exported, and the most important of these products are coffee beans, also cocoa, and coconuts are also exported, both palm oil and also cotton, and many of the products that are famous There is this country, and the city of Lome is all the more important because the oil refinery is there.

History of the city of Lome

The foundation of the city of Lome dates back to the 18th century AD, and that was established by the Iwi tribes, where in the past this city was a small village, and its name was Bay Beach, and this lasted as a village until 1882 AD, when representatives of a British company operating in trade came and took place The transformation of this village into an important commercial center, to become this city, and due to its occuAl Bahahn by Germany, the capital of the Republic of Togo and that was in the year 1897 AD, where the capital was once the city of Anihu. Under Germany’s control, the signs of prosperity and urbanization became evident over it, and France subsequently occupied it during the First World War in 1914, to fully control its control over it in 1919, and Lome did not gain independence from France until 1960.

Tourism in the city of Lome

In Lome, there are many tourist sites and attractions that are famous for, attracting tourists to enjoy their views, and is famous for its international airport, which facilitates the access of visitors to it, as it was expanded immediately after its independence, and we also find many hotels that are characterized by luxury and sophistication, and which increases the visit Tourists enjoy a distinctive sandy beach with white sand and multiplying its markets, especially the open-air market Grand Marche, where you can buy fabrics in which the city is famous in addition to souvenirs.

It is considered an ideal city to enjoy calm and relaxation, in addition to tour enthusiasts, as it enjoys the beauty of its countryside and hills, as well as cruises on the Atlantic or in its forests, and also we find in the city of Lome University, which is the first in the state of Togo and is the only one in it as well, and it has the most important and important scientific branches In university achievement.

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